Hello and welcome!

About the family...

We're a homeschooling Catholic (convert) family comprised of parents Rob and Maggie (that's me!), Lilith Luthien (10, 6th grade), Mable Mirkwood (8, 3rd grade), Olive Onodrim (7, 2nd grade), and twins Birdie Bree & Poppy Peregrin (5, Kindergarten). We live in the Southern California desert roundabout where both Rob and I were raised.

About the blog...

This blog is basically just our online journal/year book for our school activities. The plan is for it to be picture and memory heavy with maybe a bit about our curriculum and process thrown in there from time to time.

I blog on a more personal level here.

Why "Bella Arda"?

Bella "bella" is related to the Italian and Latin words for beautiful.

We decided to go with a Tolkien related name for our homeschool because all of our children have Tolkien themed middle names. 

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